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Mixing and Mastering

I can provide a personal and professional mixing and mastering service for your project at very reasonable rates. 

I have a range of professional quality mastering softwares and high quality audio hardware. 

I can mix anything from a single track to a full album or video production. I can provide stems , wavs, and mp3s and various revisions. 

Contact me for details. Price varies on project so please contact me to discuss your requirements.

I can notate a music audio file, or audio on video to be playable on the instrument of your choosing. 

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I offer professional voiceover services via Fiverr.  Click the text above to find out more.

HQ, pro, flexible, almost any project.

Radio, TV, outube, Advertsising, Games

Registered voice-over professional on:


Composing and Production

I can produce highly original music in many styles for your project. I can also produce highly stylised music to detailed briefs. 

I work for several sync libraries directly and have music used for film and tv. 

If you need an epic theme, subtle underscore, background music for a home video, you tube  or game score, let me know!

I can also provide High Quality Voice-overs for any project personal or business. 

Advice and Tuition

I have given advice and help to many musicians, producers  and composers. I am an experienced and qualified music teacher as well.

I can assist with composition, performance, instruments, recording, production, mixing, arrangement, orchestration, software, daws etc

I can provide pre recorded videos, or  live zoom/skype sessions with a tailored service. 

ABRSM, GCSE, Btec and Theory

Tuition fees:

30m - £13

45m - £20

60m - £26

Stringed Instruments: maintenance, service, repair

Re-string, setup, cleanup, replacement parts etc


Let me know what you need and we can discuss it.

I look forward to working together!

contact Ant at -

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