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Studied at Gateway School of recording technology

BA Hons Music tech

PGCE music

Member of Sync Academy (2019)

Sibelius online training

Logic pro online training

Professional music composition training

Introduction course to MA degree music production - Thinkspace

Licenced to FlikTrax music library USA

Sonic UK

& other UK libraries

Classically trained from a young age in a musical family

Became interested in music tech when studying music A level in 1988

One of the original Electronic music artists of the 80's

Studied music tech and recording at Kingston Uni and had a club hit released in London and played on the John Peel show in 1992

Played and formed various bands through school, college and early life in a range of styles from jazz, to indie to dance pop

Gained a strong interest in folk music when moved to Scotland in 2000

Experienced and influenced by world music when lived in middle east from 2002 - 2010

Fiddler for various folk groups including Pig Dyke Molly

Parody track "Whittlesey girls" featured on BBC Cambs 2012

4 electronic music albums released 2002 - 2010 through own record label and Itunes

Featured on Melody maker and NME online sites

Deluxe FM Germany interview feature

Synthzone Russia

Robocast 'Do Androids dream?' album

Collaborations with artists including KHurl & Aron Future

Recorded featured instrumental parts on other artists albums including Christian Smith Music

Track featured on Charity album Philanthropy supported by the PSB's

Looping fiddle album released 2016

Performed and featured on several local radio stations including PCRFM and CRFM Birmingham

Studied radio presenting in 2018. Radio studio assistant

School and instrumental tutor for many years.

 Producer and composer of music for TV, Film, Radio, games etc

Actively working with libraries, film professionals and businesses.

Written and produced full soundtrack for a feature length UK Indie comedy film 2021

Documentary : audio producer and soundtrack composer:  'The deep south - Mississippi'

Executive producer and audio for 'Half-Life RavenHolme'' feature film 2024

stand alone, to a brief or scored to video

100+ TV library themes and underscores

Reality TV, Nature channels, Advertising

Action, animation, sci-fi, dark, ambient, fun, light, orchestral, piano, synth and cinematic

specialist in Hybrid styles

Main Equipment: E/W composer cloud, Spitfire audio,, Sonuscore orchestra, Isotope  Ozone Advanced mastering suite, Abbey Road TG mastering, too many plugins and samples to list

M-Audio Keys and monitors, Roland interface


Ant is registered with PPL and PRS and all his previously released tracks are registered with both.

All tracks can be presented mastered or unmastered and can provide stems as required.

Ant Nottingham uses and endorses:

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