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Award winning composer / producer. IMDB credits

Available for scoring work for film, tv, games etc. Below are some examples of my recent work.

Title Sequence for upcoming UK Film

Aircraft Two

All music in the titles and film by myself

Honorable Mention - Sonuscore / Best Service scoring competition


Soundscore for 'Hero'

Animation, action, scifi, anime

New Album : Big Beats Vol 1

Out June 2023

Soundscore for 'Elephants dream' clip 2

Action tension dramatic scene

'Tears of Steel' clip score. 

Sci-fi, futuristic, tension, dramatic, action

Soundscore for 'Elysion'

Sonuscore - other world competition

space, ambient, technology, design

'Varenje' Point and click adventure game score

Adventure, retro, game

Horror trailer score

Horror, Spooky, scary, tension, drama, dark

Documentary score - Anglesey Abbey

Historic, Documentary, medieval, baroque, orchestral, melodic

New release by Ant Nottingham

(The Dark Villager)

'Who do you think you are?'


From forthcoming new album from The Dark Villager / Ant Nottingham

Purchase on 'Get my music' page!

New Album -
Big Beats Vol 1
Out soon!
(June 23)

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